thousand candles 2012

The sun shines brighter and longer through the 2012 growing season. Our second bottling is correspondingly more open, bright and airy – right from the get go. As it so happens it is the fruit grown on the more open, northern end of the farm that shines this year, a counter point to the 2011.

I liked Thousand Candle’s controversial inaugural 2011 on release, I like it more today, and I like its successor more again. All the exoticism of 2011 has returned for an encore… It’s beautifully textured, fine, gravelly, intricate and enduring.” Tyson Stelzer – Wine Taste Weekly – Edition 130.

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Cooking on the farm

Cooking on the Farm – Brawn Brawn is frequently on the menu at thousand candles farm. Made traditionally (but not exclusively) from an ungracious cross section of a pigs head. Age old traditions and skills required once hidden are being re-discovered to turn unpopular and frequently discarded cuts of a beast into something spectacular. I Read more >

James Halliday on Thousand Candles (after tasting)

NEWS ARTICLES Publish Date: 03 Mar 2014 The wines of Thousand Candles (Killara Park Estate) by James Halliday for the Weekend Australian Magazine (extended version) I am frequently being asked ‘how do you do it’, meaning how can I write between two and three books a year, my column for this newspaper, contributions to magazines Read more >

James Halliday on Thousand Candles (before tasting)

BeforeTasting What is now called the Thousand Candles vineyard was originally known as Killara Estate, which had been planted in 1997. The Thousand Candles name comes from a 19th century account harking back to its indigenous occupiers. A ceremony granting free passage to the lands around the property was witnessed by a European who, referring Read more >