A place called Thousand Candles

Thousand Candles Farm is a meeting place of mountains, rolling hills, bush, pasture, flood plain, creeks and river. It is a place of abundance, pre-dating European settlement with eel, roo, cray and waterfowl staples of the local food bowl. The property has a 150 year history combining horticultural and pastoral farming.

There is a hill that presents as the centre of the farm. It is the highest point and overlooks the rest of the property. The south side is steep and home to tall mountain ash and candle bark, tree ferns and moss-covered fallen limbs (we think they look like giant, ancient wishbones). Underlying earth is damp and sweet and full of life. The northern slope is gentler and covered with tea tree and manna gum, and looks to the surrounding mountains. Warm air moves quickly here, and the light is bright and full of promise.

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