thousand candles 2013

Since we started farming at Thousand Candles we have worked hard at making and applying our own compost teas brewed from biological matter found on the farm itself. We have nourished the soil and seen a massive growth in biological activity and nutrient content; consequently our vines are stronger and healthier.

Thousand Candles vintage 2013 has the sought of density and structure that we seek, as well as flavours and palate shape that we are coming to identify with the wine of Thousand Candles Farm.

It remains our contention that farming for biological mass and complexity is an elemental factor for wine quality. The proof of the pudding is in the tasting.

Tyson Stelzer 97 points: …It’s at once savoury like a great Wendouree, perfumed like Vosne Romanée and structured with the grip and assuredness of Hermitage. Yet it is emphatically and definitively Australian. With no varietal indications on the label, Bill Downie is reluctant to reveal its ingredients. “If it came from any other country, we wouldn’t even ask, and Australia won’t assume its rightful place in the world if we don’t value place over variety.” Mr Pinot no more, Downie has conjured the wine that will define the next chapter of his career and may yet go down as his finest to date – and it is, largely, not a pinot noir.

It evolves and morphs in a gripping odyssey, leaping out of the glass with violets, exotic spice, black fruits and fresh liquorice straps, scaffolded around a mouth-embracing structure of wonderfully fine tannins. If you must know, the best of 100% whole bunch cool climate shiraz (55%) meets 50% whole bunch pinot noir (40%) and a dash of sauvignon blanc (5%)

thousand candles 2012

The sun shines brighter and longer through the 2012 growing season. Our second bottling is correspondingly more open, bright and airy – right from the get go. As it so happens it is the fruit grown on the more open, northern end of the farm that shines this year, a counter point to the 2011.

I liked Thousand Candle’s controversial inaugural 2011 on release, I like it more today, and I like its successor more again. All the exoticism of 2011 has returned for an encore… It’s beautifully textured, fine, gravelly, intricate and enduring.” Tyson Stelzer – Wine Taste Weekly – Edition 130.